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Podcasting Just Got A Little Easier

and a LOT more fun.

A membership that takes you through
the journey of podcasting,
supporting you along the way.

Fresh, Healthy Podcasts,
Grown Right At Home

Plant the seed, water it, watch it grow

Sometimes, podcasting can be
"The Struggle." Can you relate?

  • You have a great idea for a show, but aren’t sure where to start.
  • There are so many places to get podcasting information, and everyone claims to be an expert.
  • You just want ONE place to get step-by-step guidance so you can stop second guessing whatever you’ve Googled.
  • You’re doing everything yourself, and between social media marketing and all the technical skills you need, you’re becoming exhausted.
  • Your podcast is up and running but it’s not growing as fast as you’d have liked, and you’re wondering what it will take (and how long) for it to be successful.
  • You loved the idea of podcasting, and you love recording, but at the moment, the work and confusion is really taking away from the enjoyment.

We've been there, too.


After years of going it alone, a group of women podcasters (including our founders) met at a digital conference and hung out together during the meals and social events. The conversations they had together were so reassuring and empowering, that, once home, they decided they needed a “mind hive” of podcasters just like them who could listen, advise, vent and offer solutions. That’s how She Podcasts was born!


And now we are SUPER excited to introduce and offer the next phase in podcasting support.

After years of struggling, and feeling alone, we finally found....each other.

This is us. Elsie & Jessica.

We are the yin and yang of all things podcasting. At least, it seems to work out that way.

Elsie is hyper-focused on content. What are you putting into the world? How does it reflect you? How does it serve and is that aligned with your goals?

Jess is all about the systems and end game. How can you create a process that works for you? Is your website your best sales tool? What goals are you reaching with your show, and is it headed in that direction? 

Together, we create the perfect education team. With Elsie’s 12+ (and 10 more creating content,) you get carefully thought-out content strategy that is intentional and purposeful. With Jess’s 20+ years in marketing, branding and digital advertising, you get a growth and monetization plan that, frankly, actually works.

Both of us are dedicated to this membership. We’ve devoted our time, knowledge and resources to make sure you’ll be learning what you need, and added in our creativity to make sure it’s fun, too. 

Together, we're going to help you learn and grow with a massive support system.

The She Podcasts Membership will help you:

Move Faster Towards Your Goals

Speaking? Advertising? A career in podcasting? Whatever your goals, we'll give you the road map to achieve them inside.

Better Manage Your Time

Marketing processes, editing hacks, tips and tricks. None of this is helpful without learning how to time manage - and manage self care.

Build and Grow A Show You Love

Podcasting is a passionate endeavor. If that enthusiasm is shaky, your show can be too. We'll help you stay on track and create a show you LOVE to work on.

Connect and Support

Through asking and answering questions, through bonding over the highs and the lows, one of the best benefits of membership? Friendship.

Learn the Tech You Need

You know your podcast topic - but no one told you how to use all the tools you need for podcasting! Learn them in here, step by step.

Increase Your Audience

Funny how listeners don't just find your podcast, isn't it? We'll show you TONS of interesting ways to grow a healthy audience.

Why This Membership?

The Experts

Aside from your brilliant resident founders, (ahem) there are lessons and workshops taught by tons of other experts in podcasting, marketing, online business and more. 

The Integrity

We run our business and programs with transparency, honesty, and sincerity. We never reel you in with false promises and we'll never recommend something we're not sure about.

The Material

We have courses and webinars in here to teach you everything from the techiest tech needs to taking care of yourself. No stone left unturned, and if there is, we'll cover it for you.

The Vibe

Learn at your own pace. Ask questions as often as you like. Offer your services. Search for a guest. All this in an environment that's supportive and welcoming, and without being spammy. 

The People

These members are special. We're known for our free Facebook group full of supportive, upbeat, engaged podcasters. Our special community will be there for you 24/7.

The Peeking

Everything we do, everything we plan, you'll see and hear the decision making process, the strategy and the lessons learned. We're a living case study to observe and examine.

Real Members Speak

most robust, supportive courses and trainings around

You could spend ridiculous amounts of time signing up for various programs to help you with your podcast. Or you could spend a fraction of that and become a She Podcasts Membership member and get the most robust, supportive courses and trainings around! Tech, productivity, marketing and monetization — it’s a one-stop shop for everything you need! All the cool kids are doing it!

Jackie MacDougall
The Grown Ass Women's Guide

inspires me to keep going

I’ve been in from the start and love the She Podcast Membership. Elsie and Jess’s enthusiasm and passion for podcasting, helping us find our voice and believe what we do matters to our audience, no matter the niche, inspires me to keep going with my podcast.

Leanne Drew
Beers with a Miner Podcast

an amazing group of female podcast hosts

The She Podcast Membership is like having a bunch of besties to help ease the work of podcasting! This program not only gives me round the clock access to Jess and Elsie but also an amazing group of female podcast hosts who have already experienced what I’m encountering and are happy to help. I’m grateful for the countless ways this community saves me time AND helps me find the profits in podcasting!

Karen Yankovich
Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

There’s nowhere I’d rather be.

Take two of the best women in podcasting and add in a wonderful mix of industry leaders and passionate podcasters and you have the She Podcasts Membership. All that passion, wisdom and knowledge in one place? There’s nowhere in podcasting I’d rather be.

Karly Nimmo
Rock Your Mic Right

Prosperous Podcasts.
Minimal Mistakes.

Tell your story. Tell their story. Change the world.


The She Podcasts Membership is a community of (mostly) women and non-binary podcasters who desire a network of peers and a place for trustworthy answers.

We’ve attempted to give more than that.


What’s inside? Templates, courses, webinars, case studies, presentations, checklists, cheat sheets, research and anything else we can collectively think up.

We've created:

Here's the thing:​

When you join the She Podcasts Membership, you get:

Community that is:
  • active
  • supportive
  • diverse
  • brilliant
A course library with:​
  • an A to Z instruction for how to podcast
  • a wealth of marketing knowledge
  • a veritable how-to for online business
  • editing tutorials
Office Hours and QA

1:1 coaching and group accountability 1-2 times a week with Elsie, Jess and Traci DeForge of PodHive

Help at every stage,
answers to every question.

Don't worry. we got you, boo.

Is the She Podcasts MembershipRight For You?

Our membership is for you if:

Our membership is NOT for you if:

Let's Dive In !

What do you get?

Amazing Content.

Our education is community-led and rich with information YOU’VE been asking about. We’ve also partnered with PodHive and are giving you exclusive access to their entire library of lessons and interviews! Tons of how-to articles, recommendations, best practices and webinars with new lessons every week. You’ll learn everything from how to create cover art to how to pitch potential sponsors and everything in between.

An active, supportive community.

Included with the Membership is an entire communication platform that allows a similar social media experience to Facebook. You can connect with others, share knowledge, see what everyone is learning, and access our live-streaming content as a group. 

Templates, checklists, cheat sheets and workbooks.

Sponsorship pitching templates, contract templates, get-started checklist, media checklist, and more more more.

Members-only, exclusive access and perks.

We’ve reserved our premium content and 1:1 coaching opportunities just for this group! 


We want your time in the Membership to be everything you’ve ever dreamed. However, if you’re not 1000% sold on the membership, we will happily refund your money within 30 days of purchase. No questions, no contingencies, no hoops. 

We are confident that the education and opportunities found within these walls will get you inspired, motivated and running down the right path to achieve your podcasting goals. So, if you’re not satisfied, we will refund you within 30 days. 

Choose Your Plan

Monthly Pricing
Yearly Pricing (save $!)

Community Access

$ 10
  • Access to our exclusive community

Digital Access

$ 25
  • Access to our entire digital library

All Access

$ 45
  • Access to our exclusive community
  • Access to our entire digital library
  • Access to 1:1 coaching
  • Access to our Masterclasses
  • Access to special discounts

The Result: A Community and Podcast You Love

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely! We have lessons inside just for podcasters like you who are taking the first steps on your podcasting journey.

Podcasters at your stage will benefit from the ongoing marketing training, sponsorship courses, contract templates, and other lessons that help podcasters expand their reach and monetize in different ways.

All of the content is available right away and you can jump around in each course at your own pace. We do have one 5-day challenge that requires you to do the lessons in order, but they are still available immediately.

With the All-Access Membership, you have access to our weekly QAs with Elsie and Jessica AND weekly coaching with Traci. So, the answer is YES!

Podcasting waits for no man or woman. But seriously, it's so easy to procrastinate when it comes to podcasting, because the steps can be overwhelming. Our membership is designed to ELIMINATE that, so we recommend you start right away! (But of course you can wait if you need to.)

 You are welcome to request specific content be created at any time, as well as ask specific questions during the coaching sessions we offer. 

We'd be very sad to let you go - each member brings so much to the collective! But we understand situations change, and we'll be happy to cancel for you anytime. 

We have made it really easy for you to upgrade and downgrade your monthly membership price, and you can switch from yearly to monthly too, if you'd like. 

The World is Waiting To Hear Your Voice.

Join us