The Podcaster's Website Audit Workbook

Many times, podcasters master the art of podcasting – the content, the technology, the equipment. Social media marketing is a skill that we dabble in until we find a sweet spot, too. But mastering good web design is something that many of us don’t even know where to start.


We built this workbook so that podcasters could – step by step – go through each aspect of website functionality and know, beyond a SHADOW OF A DOUBT what parts of their site are great and which are struggling and not up to snuff.


Within these pages are questions that will help you assess the general look and feel, the website goals (yours and your readers), the copy and messaging, if your site is set up for sales and whether or not your website is technically functional.


Enjoy and remember, you can always ask questions or comment in the forums!


The Podcast Website Audit Workbook