Hear me out, here. I’m not saying turn into NPR or PBS and hock your show like a flea market. What I am saying is that your loyal fans will WANT to support you. In fact, early on in the show, I even had people ASK me how they could support me. Financially. Because they loved the show so much. (I was shocked, too.)

Those of us with humility are often still trying to get over the fact that anyone would be able to stand listening to us speak for longer than 10 minutes. (Is that just me?) Because of that, it’s hard to simply ask for a donation. Perhaps even the word “donation” leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Asking for support, however, shouldn’t be a shameful experience. You are recording, editing and promoting your show for free. You bought the equipment, you think up interesting stuff to say, and putting a show together consistently is work. It’s FUN work, but it’s work. There’s no shame in asking for the listener, who is benefitting from your hard work, to show you their appreciation.

And here’s the thing. No man is an island. Or woman. We need people to help us sustain what we’re doing sometimes. There’s no shame in it. You’re helping them, that’s undeniable. Asking for help is often what life is about, in one way or another.

Check out the way Adam Curry has his donation page set up. It really does feel like when you donate, you’re joining an exclusive club, something that only listeners and lovers of the show belong to and appreciate. It makes supporters feel special, and of course the oblige the show with gifts of money.

Skills Needed:

PayPal or a donation Patreon account and the ability to create a Donate button or the ability to hire someone to help you with it. The ability to put the code on your website or upload a button graphic to PayPal.


Adam Curry Donation Page