Welcome to the She Podcasts Membership, !

Watch the video below to see Jess give Elsie (and you!) a tour around the Membership website, or scroll further for your first steps in the community.  

Next Steps


If you're an all-access member, visit the community and get set up.

The community is a private Facebook group, and you can request access here


Choose the best place to start.​

Whether you’re starting a podcast, needing some tweaking, here to grow your audience or finally ready to make some cash, there’s a section for you. Where should you begin? The Dashboard page has links to our 4 podcasting stages: Start, Refine, Grow, and Achieve. Read carefully and choose your perfect path to begin.


Set goals for yourself.

Obviously you have an idea of what you’re struggling with. Try to create a timeline of when you might complete this goal, or even just the first few steps.


Put it in your calendar.

If it’s not in your calendar, it won’t be done. Map out some time to work on your podcast – even if it’s just once a week.


Sign up for our text updates - it's the best way to know when everything is happening!

If you text “membership” to +1 (302) 240-3425 (US and Canada only, unfortunately) you’ll get access to Elsie and Jess and notified when we go live, when our QAs are starting, as well as early access to ticket sales, speaking opportunities and more!