Here is a great way to make a small profit AND make life easier for your listeners as well! If you use Libsyn as your podcast host, they make it super easy to create an app – and that way your listeners can have access to the latest shows without having to use the iTunes app or download on their computer/phone.

You charge a small fee for the app and voila! Money with very little effort. If you wanted to really go all out, you could hire a design company or an app software developer too – or there are websites that allow you do create one easily, such as AppMakr. I would recommend as little investment as possible, because you can’t charge that much for an app and make a decent profit. So if you charge $1-2, you don’t want to create an app for a few hundred

What’s also great about an app is you can include some about information, your social media links, and perhaps a way to review the show easily so you can continue to grow your reach within the app.

Skills Needed:

If you are using Libsyn, you really just need to follow the directions on the site, because they will walk you through what you need. That’s actually the case no matter what route you choose – even a developer will walk you through the functionality you want and create what you need. The actual skill you need here is a functional understanding of how smartphones and apps, specifically, work. Download a podcast app or 2 and note what you like or dislike about it – it will help you in creating your own. Using the other links below is pretty simple, too – as long as you know what info you’d like to include, the builders are pretty drag and drop as well.


Libsyn Monetization