Within the heart of every woman at this conference lives the potential to change the world. Within you is a presence that has the power to make a difference in the lives of every person your podcast touches. Together, our voices could create a tidal wave that could lift up millions of people. You and we are that powerful.

Yet… most women are nowhere near fully expressed in their full power or presence. We have not been taught what true power really looks like in a woman. We’ve grown up on images of success and power defined mostly by men, by systems that have never had a woman’s best interest at heart. And that are frankly, not sustainable. 

We are ones here to redefine success and power, not by raging against the machine, but by the choices we make in how we run our businesses, organizations, families and lives. You can bet in the process of bucking the status quo to stay true to yourself and what matters to you, that you will come up against your own fear, confusion, doubt, and overwhelm. This doesn’t make you weak. It makes you human.

This is where your power to wield your Fierce Grace comes in. Fierce Grace is what embodied power, presence and purpose looks and feels like in a truly self-empowered woman aligned with her purpose, without apology.

On our last evening together, we’ll gather for a big boost of clarity, courage and confidence, in sisterhood, so you leave this experience with super powers that give you:

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