Repeat after me. Information does not stick unless it is wrapped in a story.

For the Love of Podcasting, please stop boring ppl with 45 minutes of business strategies without a story!

Do you want to build an engaging podcasting community? Tell a story.

Do you people to tune in to every episode? Tell a story.

Do you want people to tell their friends, (who tell their friends) about your incredible show? Tell a story.

If you’ve reached this point with a resounding “YES!!!…But how?!”

Well friend, exhale, you are in the right place. 🙂

In this interactive panel discussion, together we (yes that includes you, girl) will discuss:

  1. What elements make a good story?
  2. What story do I tell?
  3. How to write compelling show titles and copy that makes people want to tune in?
  4. What are the passions and pain-points of your listeners?
  5. How to anticipate the “emotional journey” of your listeners.
  6. How to interview like Oprah even (if your podcast is about power tools)
  7. What about editing? Editing pre/post-production tips for storytelling

Grab some coffee and your favorite notebook, and come ready to engage, discuss, brainstorm, and learn!

Inkfully _She Podcast Resources Slides_FNL.pdf