Here’s an astounding fact: 77% of podcasts on Libsyn & 84% on Anchor have less than nine episodes, which means podfade is real and statistically speaking it could happen to you. We don’t have the numbers on how many failed shows are shows founded by mothers, but let’s face it: in most cases, the main burden of parenting falls on the mother, and when a mother tries to have a successful podcast, she needs to have in place sustainable practices that will keep her show going. This panel will speak on podfade for busy women balancing work and parenting but we’ll also talk about issues unique to mothers and content creators: authentic storytelling in tension with children’s privacy, how to find your niche in the popular genre of “Kids & Family” and how to record when you have little ones at home. Four panelist, each at the helm of shows with over 100 episodes, share how they podcast AND mom (or grandma!) so hard.