In podcasting, it’s not enough to have a good idea. Whether you’re trying to reach listeners or pitching your show to a potential distributor, you need to hook ‘em and deliver. Three teams – all who’ve gone through training with PRX’s Project Catapult or the Google Podcasts creator program – are going to share how they’ve learned to talk about their shows. There’s Bottom of the Map from WABE Atlanta with hip-hop scholar Dr. Regina N. Bradley and music journalist Christina Lee who look at the South through a hip-hop lens. Cocktails & Cancer with Dani and MJ features longtime friends Michelle “MJ” James and Danielle “Dani” Brown talking about life and friendship following a cancer diagnosis. And Colored Girl Beautiful hosted by Aseloka Smith explores a century’s worth of contradictions about black womanhood. Each team will perform a quick live show followed by a panel discussion and Q&A about the genesis of their podcasts, how they learned to focus on their intended audience, and then got the word out.