This is for you if you started your podcast in response to a deeper calling, but you’re not creating their wealth from that calling like you want to.

 Are you ready to activate dormant prosperity codes within and combine it with kickass strategies to make great money through methods other than sponsorship?

I’m sharing The 4 Pillars of Podcast Prosperity *Steeped in ancient Vedic wisdom that’s withstood the test of time for over 7,000 years.* (If you haven’t heard the term Vedic or Vedas, it’s an ancient of living and being that touches almost every aspect of human life… and it’s where Ayurveda and Yoga come from!)

You’ll learn to focus on the things that really matter when it comes to making a difference, sharing your gifts, and creating a prosperous podcast you’re proud of!

4 Pillars of Prosperity – SP_compressed.pdf