Listening to a well told audio story can often be spellbinding. Whether it’s part of an engaging interview, fictional journey, first person story, or investigative journalism, being an effective storyteller is one of the keys to a great podcaster.

In this workshop, we will undercover the structure of stories and elements of storytelling, including narrative arc, guiding principles, stakes and takeaways, and share a first person story as part of the training process. Each participant will work on the development of a 3-5 minute story of their choice, and learn how to edit or elaborate upon content to find ‘storytelling gold’. As part of the coaching, we will explore the meaning and significance of your experiences, and learn some tools to interview yourself and others in a way that is open, honest, and leads to authentic and constructive story development. Towards the end of the workshop, a select few will have the opportunity to share a draft of their oral story for audience insights and professional coaching. The skills learned in this workshop will serve as the foundation to craft different kinds of stories relative to their need, as you continue to tell, edit and share them over time.

Key Takeaways: 

1.) Recognize the structure of engaging narratives and the process of finding engaging content

2.) Craft and tell a first person story, and learn the aspects of storytelling including theme, structure, sensory details, scenes, summaries, and stakes.

3.) Learn active listening techniques for constructive engagement with others while sifting for ‘storytelling gold’