What is sometimes subtle, sometimes bold, and is currently running your life whether you know it or not? Fear… with a big ole’ capital F.

No one reaches their goals without getting to know their fear. We’re going to pull back the curtain on fear, stare it in the face, Wonder Woman style, and take it on with those gold cuffs.

You’re going to identify your fear’s personality (yep, it’s got one!) and get to the root of when it was created and how it’s holding you back. This could be the single most important discovery to move you and your podcast to the next level. You’re going to master some hilarious, yet extremely effective tools to stop fear in its tracks. Massive energy shift alert!

And then, we are going to wrap up all of this fear conquering stuff with a big red bow called “Bye-Bye Fear, Hello Fulfillment.” Are ya ready for it? Let’s do this! 

The Dirty F Word – Shanna Lee 1.pdf